Yeosu Expo Convention Center Expo Hall
Yeosu, South Korea
Thursday 18 August 2022


Thursday 18 August 2022
9:00 AM to 4:50 PM KST

Track 1: BTS: An ESG/SDGs Initiator (9:00~10:15am)

Moderator: IL Im (Professor, School of Business, Yonsei University)


BTS & S in ESG, CSV, CSR: The Rise of Fandom and Emerging Social Value in the K-Pop Industry:  

Dongjoon Lee (Hongik University)


BTS beyond K-Pop Idols: The SDGs Advocates: 

Riela Provi Drianda (Waseda University)


An Exploratory Research on BTS School of Thought, a Sustainable Organization anchoring BTS and ARMYs Road to the SDGs: 

Nitya Gupta / Francesca Kapunan / Simran Singh / Victoria Cesar Velazquez (Girl Power Talk)


How BTS’ Value-Driven Branding Motivates Fans’ SDG Engagement:

Simone Liew (Yonsei University  / Julie Aase (Independent Researcher)


From Idols to Global Leaders: The Importance of BTS’ Leadership in Culture and ESG: 

Cecilia. V. Perez (Kylie Rowe Co.)


Track II: HYBE's Strategies on ESG (10:30~12:00)

Moderator: Hyejin Kim (Professor, School of Business and Technology Management, KAIST)


Towards an ESG Framework for HYBE: Implications from ESG Incident Data Analysis:

Hannah Jun (GSIS, Ewha Womans University)/ Sooyoung Kim (ESG Intelligence Department)


BTS’ ESG Activities Shown Through the Media: What Areas Were Mainly Reported?

Kyu Yup Mo (The Kukmin Daily/ Kwangwoon University)


A Road to SDGs and ESGs: Conceptualizing BTS’s Future Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Strategies: 

Chan Cheah / Monoar Hossain / Simone Liew / Luis Romero / Renee Cheah / Owen Oh / Jim Ye / 

Jasper Cai (Monash University /Yonsei University)


Does Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Associate with Firm Value?: 

Andika Ayu Putri Ragil / Jawed Zahidogli Ahmad (KDI School of Public Policy and Management)


Bangtan Style Brand Reputation: How Hybe uses Technology as a Lifestyle Worldwide Company:

Gabriella Nichols (Independent Researcher)​


Track III: Army: The Green consumer (1:30pm~2:45pm)

Moderator: Hannah Jun (Assistant Professor of International Business, GSIS, Ewha Womans University)


Advertising, ARMY, and Authenticity: The Use of Alternative Marketing Forms to Connect with Fans and Lead a Generation: 

Rachel Kirsch (Fractl)


Marketing and Customer Brand Co-Creation as Tools for SDGs Achievement. The Case of BTS and ARMY: Chaykina Taisiya (Ewha Womans University, GSIS)


Flow and Happiness: The Major Drive of BTS Fan Armies’ Voluntary Pro-Social Behaviors: 

Kyung Hee Bu (Kwangwoon University)/ Luri Lee (Yonsei University)


The Importance of Consumers' Psychological Wellbeing in Green Consumerism: Focusing on the Relationship Between Loneliness and Altruistic Consumption:

Meiling Yin / Wenying Tan  (Business School, Sungkyunkwan University) / 

Eun-Ju Lee (Neuro Intelligence Center, Sungkyunkwan University)


A Study on the Sustainability and Resale of BTS Goods: 578 ARMY Survey Results:

JiSun Hwang (Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies)


Track IV: BTS & ARMY: Co-creators (3:00pm~4:45pm)

Moderator: Jungun Song (Researcher, Ph.D., Future Industry Strategy Institute)


The Dynamic and Collective Power of the BTS-ARMY Engine: A Driving Force in Effecting and Actualizing Positive Change Across all Areas of the SDGs: 

Neisha Mulchan, APRN-IP, FNP-C, MSN-C (The Diversely Me Foundation)


BTS and ARMY- A road to SDGs and ESG: 

Taspia Alam (Independent Researcher)


An Impact on Indonesia ARMYs of Environmental Issues through BTS as a Role Model:

Adriani. V. Tobing (Independent Researcher)


BTS and HYBE’s ESG Management s#Strategy – Focusing on ‘The City Project’:

Jiwon Yeo / Hyo Young Kang (Sungkyunkwan University / Suwon Science College) 


SDGs and K-pop System: From the Impact of #2022BTSFESTA on June 14th:

Mihye Jong (Independent Researcher)


From Music to Fashion: The Influence of K-pop on Shaping Fashion Trends in the Western World: 

Zuzanna Chimielinska (Middlesex University London)


The 뱁새 who became Presidential Envoys: How BTS’s Mental Health and Well-being 길 can Positively Influence UN SDG Attainment: 

Sharon Blady (Speak Up: Mental Health & Neurodiversity)


Activity #1  


Wednesday, 17 August 2022
10:00 AM to 5:30 PM KST

*미래가 물었다.  “지금,  잠깐 시간되는지”

한국경영학회 ESG/SDG 이벤트

2022. 8. 17(수). 여수엑스포 컨벤션 센터 2층 

요트 돛,
낙하산 줄,
글램핑 텐트, 
패러글라이더 천, 
사용 못한 재고 천
모두 그냥 버려집니다.

멋진 나만의 것으로 만들어
진정한 ESG를 실천해볼까요?
방탄소년단이 UN SDGs 연설에 
재고 천으로 만든 정장을 입었죠.

우리도 함께 ReUse, ReDuce, ReCyle.


자세한 내용 여기를 클릭하세요

*헬북에서 인용했음

Activity #2  


Wednesday, 17 August 2022
7:00 PM KST

Activity #3  


Friday, 19 August 2022
10:30 AM to 5:20 PM

Yeosu Expo Station

Odong Island

Imran Relics Exhibition Hall

Marine Fisheries Science Museum

Hyangiram Hermitage

Stone Cave

Fish Market



The Bora Awards are for submissions selected based on the quality of extended abstracts for this session.

Winners will be announced on the day of the conference at 5:00 PM KST, Thursday 18 August 2022.



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